Thrusday-September 22nd Opening Lesson of the Master’s and PhD in Neurosciences
9:00-10:00 Title Development of a new brain imaging modality, functional ultrasound (fUS), in animal models to better understand human neuropsychiatric pathologies
Location Almeida Lima Auditorium – (Neurology classroom) Neurology Service, floor 7, Hospital de Santa Maria
Speaker Professor Zsolt Lenkei, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris, INSERM
Affiliation Faculty of Medicine (FMUL)
23rd -24th September Annual Meeting of EpiEpiNet
Title A consortium of researchers interested in epilepsy research (H2020 funded)
Local VIP Executive Art’s Hotel – Lisbon
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26-28 September 2022  Technical Course
Title Animal Behaviour Analysis: from handling to analysis (H2020 funded)
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September 19th-23rd       Everyday  Neuro Seminars
9:00-18:00 Location online events – Twitter, Zoom
Speaker Different Researchers from International Universities
Affiliation Oxford Neurotheory Forum
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October 20th-21st     8th European Synapse Meeting
Location Coimbra
Speaker Different Researchers from International Universities
Affiliation IMM
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For Abstracts and registration until 15th of July
23-26 April 2023    BNA2023 International Festival of Neuroscience
Location Brighton UK
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