Monday – November 22nd    Neurosciences Seminar
11:30 Title From unconventional niches to adult hypothalamic neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s Disease
Speaker Sara Paulo (PhD student, Ana Sebastião Lab)
Location Zoom video conference
Affiliation Faculty of Medicine (FMUL)
More info Zoom meeting:     Password : 540307​
Monday – November 22nd     Oxford Talks
14:00 Title Modulators of pathology progression in neurodegenerative disease
Speaker Dr Michael Henderson (Van Andel Institute)
Location Online conference
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Thrusday – November 25th     Oxford Talks
12:00 Title Understanding tau and Abeta biology in health and disease
Speaker Professor Richard Wade-Martins (Professor of Molecular Neuroscience, University of Oxford)
Location Zoom conference
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November 22nd – 26th       Everyday  Neuro Seminars
9:00-18:00 Location online events – Twitter, Zoom
Speaker Different Researchers from International Universities
Affiliation Oxford Neurotheory Forum
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November 23rd -24th      Workshop
  Neuropathology of Epilepsy: from experimental models to human disease tissue
Location Online Course through Zoom Platform
Affiliation Faculty of Pharmacy (FF)
Speaker Prof. Eleonora Aronica; Dr. Erwin van Vliet (University of Amsterdam)
More Info You can register for this Workshop until the 15th of November using the following link:
November 29th    3rd Annual Public Health Conference of the SAÚDE network
Health and Smart Cities
Location Rectory of the university of lisbon
Affiliation University of Lisbon
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November 30th    5th Annual Network HEALTH Conference – A Health Research Agenda for 2030
A Health Research Agenda Towards 2030
Location Rectory of the university of lisbon
Affiliation University of Lisbon
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December 13th-17th        PhD Advanced Course
Advances in Neuropharmaceutics
Location Zoom platform
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Registration until 6 December 2021.