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The 2nd PhD Students Meeting of the Mind-Brain College of the Universidade de Lisboa will be on the 28th and 29th of November, at Salão Nobre da Reitoria of Universidade de Lisboa.

This year, we can count on the presence of three researches as keynote speakers:

  • Björn Brembs, who studies the general organization of behavior with regards to reward, punishment and decision making, from Regensburg University, Germany;
  • Manuela Veloso, who researches Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine Learning, from Carnegie Mellon University, US;
  • Richard Morris, who is focused in understanding the making, keeping and losing of memory, The University of Edinburgh, UK.

Two different themes will be also discussed in two round-tables:

  • Soft skills vs Hard skills – what is their importance to student’s formation?
  • Science and Society – Alzheimer ’s disease



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